What is Root Planing and Scaling?

Information about Root Planing and Scaling:

Root planing and scaling is one of the best method used to cure gum disease before it takes the shape of serious ailment. Root planing and scaling is used to clear between the gums and teeth below the roots. Your dentist may make use of local anaesthetic to make your gums and roots of teeth insensitive.


Why It Is Done

Root planing and scaling is carried out in either of the conditions, whether the gums start tearing away from teeth or when hard minerals (tartar) start settling over the roots of teeth.

How Well It Works

If you continue with good and proper dental care after the process, further progress of gum disease would stop.  Your gums will be cured and become healthy and would regain their colour (pink).

Risks Involved

Root planing and scaling can originate injurious germs into the bloodstream.  Even the gum tissue is at the stake. You may need to take medicines before and after the surgery is performed, especially when you are in a state, where you are at the risk of getting serious infection or if the diseases are in particular troubling you. You need to take medicines if you:

  • Have a few heart problems that can lead you to serious heart infection named endocarditis.
  • Have an unsound and flawed immune system.
  • Had recently underwent major surgeries or have artificial body parts, such as a synthetic hip or heart valve.

What to Think About

  • Root planing and scaling is a very simple technique that can inhibit gum disease very well.
  • Without proper dental care, your gum infection may enhance. To inhibit infection, floss and brush regularly.
  • For quick healing, stop using tobacco in any form whether it is cigarette or spit tobacco. As tobacco lessen your ability to fight gum infection and also sets back healing.

Scaling and planing can be beneficial in various ways. One is that it inhibits disease. Research has proven that germs from periodontal diseases can travel through the blood vessels and take other areas of the body under their effect, at times leading to heart and respiratory diseases. Scaling and root planing wipe out such bacteria that lead to these conditions.

Dr. Bikram Singh graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine with a DMD degree in 2002. We are totally focussed on your oral health needs, our practice has been designed with patient comfort in mind to ensure that your dental experience is a pleasurable one. Call now at: 919-460-5454 or Visit: http://www.carydentistdmd.com


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