Why Periodontal Maintenance is necessary?

Treatment of Periodontal Maintenance:

Periodontal MaintenancePeriodontal Maintenance is the method used to neat and retain the teeth and gums after the analysis and treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontal Maintenance or supportive periodontal therapy is vital to maintain your oral hygiene.  This treatment is beneficial for both the sufferers and non sufferers of periodontal ailments and also to patients with tooth problems.

Prevention of Periodontal Maintenance

The bacteria found in plaque causes gum disease. This bacteria releases toxins that harm your gums and teeth.  So, if the plaque is not cleared, it  settles and gets transformed into calculus.

Even the people with good oral health can not prevent the depositing of calculus on teeth. Flossing and brushing minimizes the calculus but regular and expert maintenance is essential to remove it thoroughly.  Your dentist can detect your hidden gum problems while performing periodontal maintenance.

Treatments available for Periodontal Disease

The  dentists most commonly use scaling and root planing (SRP), a non surgical treatment, for treating  active gum problems.  A dental hygienist , after making complete diagnosis and analysis of the periodontal problem, employs this therapy.

  • The oral examination involves the periodontal probe and charting of the sulcus (pockets) encircling every tooth.
  • Healthy measurements should range from 1-3 millimetres. Bleeding pockets along with 4 millimetres or more depth are the indicators  of infection.
  • Determining the teeth to be scaled depends upon the formation of  bacteria, debris and calculus beneath the gum line.
  • Not only the number of teeth but the depth of the pockets collectively decide the time needed for scaling in each quadrant.
  • Each quadrant of SRP requires  one hour per visit.

After the completion of non-surgical therapy , SRP, the patient should expect more frequent follow up appointments. To observe the progress of treatment,  patient is placed on 3 months periodontal cleaning schedule. If the problem stabilizes, the time interval can be raised up to 4 months.

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