Teens’ Fast Paced Lifestyle and Oral Health


are-teens-lifestyles-ruining-their-teethA typical and congested day of teens includes shuffling through classes, sports, plays and part time jobs which always keep them on their toes. In trying to keep-up with their fast paced jam-packed schedule, teens are becoming more dependent on quick snacks like carbonated drinks and nutrition bars. These quick snacks keep them alert but they are causing irreversible damage to their oral health.

Jane Soxman, DDS, is of the view ‘Premature loss of tooth enamel and weakening of overall tooth structure are two devastating oral effects of teens’ poor diet that cannot be reversed later in life.”

What are adverse effects of carbonated drinks on teens’ oral health?

Adolescence is a time period for optimal bone growth, so more nutrients are needed to strengthen teeth and bones. But these nutrients and calories begin to counteract when teens’ tend to consume carbonated drinks and the following damages begin to occur to their oral health:

Soda And Tooth Erosion

  • Carbonated drinks are a major reason of increasing cavities among teens.
  • Acids in sodas and energy drinks break down tooth enamel, especially around sealants and previously done restorations thus leading to tooth decay or tooth loss.
  • Phosphoric, citric, tartaric and carbonic acids in various carbonated drinks limit the calcium absorption capacity in the bone structure of the oral cavity. This lack of calcium intake can lead to periodontal bone loss.

 How does snacking affect your teeth?

To-go bars and non-nutritious snacks are affecting teens’ teeth and over the time, they can take a toll on their teeth.

  • When sugar in the nutrition bars or snacks comes into contact with the bacteria in the mouth, it attacks teeth and eventually results in tooth decay.
  • Added sugars in foods may lead to tooth decay. Read the food labels and choose the foods with low added sugars.
  • Non-nutritious snacks or foods make it difficult for tissues in mouth to resist infection and this may lead to periodontal disease.

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Oral Care Guidelines for the Kids with Braces

Oral Care Guidelines

If your child’s teeth are crooked, overlapping or overcrowded, there is every possibility that your dentist suggests to fix them with braces. When your child wears braces his/her oral hygiene becomes even all the more important. You should help your child clean his/her teeth and braces properly to avoid and prevent any gum disease and cavities. Plaque and food particles easily get trapped between the tiny places in your braces and can cause tooth decay and enamel stains around brackets and bands. Children may find it difficult to brush around the braces, but with little practice and thorough guidance, eventually, it will become easier for them. The following oral care tips will help your child to develop a healthy oral care routine:

  • Help your child to develop a routine of brushing twice in a day when he has his braces on.
  • Ask your dentist for a specialized mouth guard, if your child plays contact sports.
  • Make your child learn proper cleaning techniques and try to supervise him in earlier days.
  • Child can make use of rubber picks to clean around the brace brackets.
  • Child should clean or brush the teeth one by one and most importantly, should clean the backs of their teeth.
  • Find appropriate brush heads for your child and replace them every three months.
  • Make your child floss once a day using specific floss which is specially developed for cleaning around braces.
  • Make him/her rinse  the teeth thoroughly with water or mouthwash after brushing and flossing.
  • Avoid the foods that are sticky or hard like; candy, gum, taffy, caramels, hard pretzels, pop-corn and carrots.
  • Avoid hard-to-bite foods like; apples or bagels.
  • Encourage your child to limit the intake of soda and sweetened beverages as they cause tooth decay.
  • Most of the orthodontists recommend to brush with a fluoride tooth paste after every snack. A fluoridated mouth wash can also be used, as it can reach places where tooth-brush cannot.
  • Child may use a waterpik or airflosser to flush out the stuck food.
  • Schedule regular appointment with dentist for professional cleaning and check-ups’.

 To keep your child’s teeth in good health and shape, it very important that they should follow a healthy and hygienic oral regime. There are lots of ways to make wearing braces an easy experience for your child. Feel free to contact Dr. Bikram Singh DMD if you need to ask any questions related with oral health care of your child. Our dedicated dental health expert will provide you with the best possible solutions to treat any of the oral health related problems and makes it sure that you get the best possible care.